Lumped RLC boundry – Window error

    • Badr

      Hello all,

      I have a problem viewing the Lumped RLC boundry window, and it doesnt show the current flow line option.

      Anyone had seen the same problem before, can it be fixed?



    • Chinmay T
      Ansys Employee

      Did you recently change your screen resolution settings?
      If yes, please change the screen resolution settings and check whether you can view the full window or not.
      Do you see the same problem with any other popup windows?
      Thanks Chinmay

    • Badr
      Hi Chinmay,
      Thank you for your response.
      No i didnÔÇÖt change the screen resolution, although I had tried
      doing that hoping it would solve the problem but didnÔÇÖt.
      This issue I only appear with Lumped RLC Boundary window.! and still dont know how to fix it.
      Thanks Badr
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