Mach cone and Mach angle

    • prajput
      Ansys Employee


      I have a quick question. Can someone explain what exactly is a Mach cone and Mach angle?

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Imagine a beeper moving a supersonic speed in air. The speed of the object is faster that the propagation speed of the sound it emits. The envelope of all the sound waves location, that were generated at all the emitting points, at a fixed time instant is the Mach cone. It essentially depicts how far the beeper sound has propagated over time. Outside the Mach cone, no sound generated by a supersonic moving object can be heard.

      The Mach angle is the half angle of the Mach cone. With simple algebra it can be proved that the half angle of the Mach cone is only directly related to the Mach number, here the name Mach angle.

      mu = asin (1/M)

      where mu is the Mach angle and M is the Mach number.

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