Machine Design Toolkit with Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Design

    • duranm1


      My name is Murat and I'm currently attempting to use the Machine Deisgn Toolkit within ANSYS Electronics to generate performance curves (i.e., torque, speed efficiency maps) for my axial flux motor.

      However, I'm encountering issues during mid simulation and was wondering what could be causing it. Please let me know what type of information is required to help resolve this issue. Thank you. It is quite urgent as well so any response as soon as possible would help allot. 

      Kind Regards

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi duranm,

      It will be difficult to troubleshoot this kind of issue on an open forum, as Ansys employees cannot exchange the models or any attachments.

      I suggest you raise an SR if you have access to Ansys Service.

      If you do not have access to create an SR. Please provide the below details we will try our best to troubleshoot.

      1) Did the model run properly on Maxwell alone?

      2) Share the screenshots of the toolkit setup.

      3) What is the issue you encountered and what is the error message?



    • duranm1

      Hello Navya, 

      Hope you are well. I do currently have access to ANSYS learning hub, but I'm not sure if this gives me access to Ansys Services as I've attempted before but it just directs me back to the student learning forum.

      For this reason, the required information is proviuded below:

      1. Model successfuly runs on Maxwell 3D alone.
      2. Would it be possible to personal message the set-up.
      3. There is no error message but the toolkit struggles to set-up the requried Speed_TSC, Gamma_TSC and Imax_TSC range (I'll have to run it again to get the error message).

      Kind Regards,


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