mag_J, vs complexMag_J

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      I asked a question before (https://studentcommunity.ansys.com/thread/definition-of-mag_j-complexmag_j-and-ohmicloss/?reply=baffaf08-a7dc-4540-b8eb-abfe00e00587#createpost) but after a very fast reply, I didn't get a follow-up reply. So I am starting a new thread.


      I am working on toroid inductor simulation (Maxwell 3D eddy-current solution) to understand the eddy current and the loss created in my laminated core. I checked out the online help but I still am not completely sure what Mag_J and ComplexMag_J means. I guess ComplexMag_J is just an amplitude of varying J (Fm or Im). Then what's Mag_J? Is it just the real part of J or amplitude of varying J at a certain phase?


      Regarding ohmic loss calculation:

      The definition has the term, J multiplied by J conjugate. Is that J, complexMag_J or Mag_J or something else? So, an ohmic loss is directly correlated to complexMag_J instead of Mag_J?


      Thank you for your help.

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      In the Eddy Current (frequency domain) solver, J_vector is a complex vector with real, imag components in 3 spatial directions: Jx, Jy, Jz. 

      1)     Using the calculator, Mag_J returns real component of SQRT (Jx^2 + Jy^2 + Jz^2).

      2)     Ohmic loss uses J_vector and is defined as: integral (J_vector dot J_vector(conj) /2 conductivity) dV (Reference formula in Maxwell online help topic “Ohmic Loss for an Eddy Current Solution&rdquo

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