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    • SAKLNT

       Hi all,

      Software: ANSYS AIM 2020

      Electromagnetic analysis of permanent magnetic relay.

      Problem: Don't know how to vary the parameters to simulate different magnetic conditions of permanent magnet.

      I am trying to simulate a permanent magnetic relay. The permanent magnet has to be run for various strengths. Usually the following parameters like Br( residual flux density after saturation),magnetic coercivity(along with direction) and Isotropic relative permeabilityare fed as inputs.

      I am using Alnico 5 permanent magnet. So how do i vary the magnetic strength based on the above parameters to simulate different working conditions of permanent magnet. Also if someone has any reference files for the same apart from the ones ANSYS has given, please share.


    • mchristi
      Ansys Employee

      For a linear permanent magnets, reference Maxwell online help topic: “Calculating the Properties for a Permanent Magnet”.  2 of the 4 inputs must be specified and can be project variables, such as: $Hc and $Br.  The remaining 2 quantities are a function of the first 2 specified. 

      Also see Maxwell online help topic: “Working with Variables” for info on how to create a $project variable.

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