Make a foundation structure on the seabed on ansys aqwa

    • nurhalimputra117

      hi, here I want to simulate the motion response of a floating wind turbine, with an underwater concrate foundation structure, like this picture.

      but I got the error "element ... is too close to the sea bed". how do i solve this without changing the depth of the sea? Thank You

    • Mike Pettit
      Ansys Employee


      In the geometry editor (e.g. SpaceClaim) you need to right-click > Detach on the bottom surface of the Foundation structure (i.e. any part that is touching the seabed), so that it appears as a separate Surface Body in the geometry. Re-import the geometry into the Aqwa Workbench editor, then click on the new Surface Body you just created. In the Details panel, change the Surface Type from Program Controlled to Non-Diffracting. This should allow you to proceed with the analysis.

      Cheers, Mike

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