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Make a impact and measure the vibration


    • kwak dongkyu


      I want to simulate the baseball.

      On the baseball bat, the ball come over and hit and I want to measure the vibration on the handle part

      As far as i know, I cam get only stress and strain data. But i want to get vibration data.

      In order to know the degree of vibration, do I have to get the deformation of the handle over time and express it as vibraion?


      Thank you

    • peteroznewman

      Yes, but you have to think about how the bat is supported.  It would be simple to have a ball impact a bat that is unsupported. The bat could have a forward inital linear and rotational velocity and that velocity would be slowed by the ball impact but also start spinning if the impact was any distance away from the bat center of mass. The bat would start vibrating.  If you modelled a pair of hands gripping the handle, the bat would not start spinning and the hands would absorb the vibration, damping it out more quickly than an unsupported bat, but hands would be much more difficult to model.  A mitigation to an unsupported bat spinning after impact would be to apply a distributed mass along the handle representing the mass of the hands. Add enough mass to put the center of mass at the ball impact point.

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