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Make shear waves (S-waves) in cube

    • Magnus Norstenes


      I was trying to make shear waves in Ansys Explicit Dynamics. I am not sure what to do, and wants to listen to all suggestions. My initial plan was to make a box (5x5x10mm), and do something with (one/ some of) the nodes to make a shear wave propagating throughout the "box" by time.

      This is my box so far:

      Any suggestions?

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      If we have a point dynamic impulse (point load in a half space say) you will get P-S and Rayleigh waves.

      See figure 1 a) here:

      If you want to excite something else or do something different to the above explain more (context, goal,etc)

      All the best




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