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Making an User Creep in AnSys Student Version

    • Oliver

      Hello everybody,

      I'm new here and also on AnSys but I hope this Thread is posted in the right Category.

      For a university project I have to program a UPF in form of an User Creep which models a given Creep behavior in Static Structural. I did much research already and also found tutorials by AnSys but I'm not sure if they are transferable to the student version.

      First of all, it is often said that I have to install "APDL Mechanical Costumization Files" at instalation of AnSys. But in fact, i can't do that when istalling the student version. I watched a video of installing the "normal" Version and there you are able to do this. So my question: Is user costumization also possible in AnSys Student? If yes: How do I do it?

      Another problem i have: How do I link the UPF UserCreep to the WorkBench? I found an extension which allows this in the AnSys AppStore but it's not available for Version 19.X ...

      Can somebody help me? Thanks!!


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Moving the Structural

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