Manually changing the temperature in cell zone.


    • Borut Omerzo

      Hi everyone. 

      Is it possible to manually change the temperature in a cell zone in Fluent (2022 R2)? 

      For example, if I have a rectangular duct 0.5 × 0.5 m, which is 2 m long, and in the middle, there is a zone 0.1 m thick. If I wanted to change the temperature in that zone to, say, 400K and make the downstream air acquire that temperature without using heat suorce, which UDF should I use? 

      I'm working on this because I want to model an adiabatic cooler, where the temperature changes relative to humidity. For that purpose, I modeled humidifying of the air, however, the last step is to assign a temperature to a cell zone in relevance to humidity. 

      My idea is to write a code in which I would write something like T = f(RH).


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If the zone is bounded by walls you can set the temperature. Otherwise, have a look at the FIX option in the cell zone panel. 

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