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MAPDL not connecting to system coupling GUI

    • hnorthrup

      I am running a two-way FSI via the system coupling GUI. I have never had problems getting it to start in the past but now I am trying it on a new computer. When I start the simulation , it never connects to MAPDL. I get the error "Elapsed time: 5 min. Still awaiting connection from: MAPLD-1". All of the .out files for mechanical are empty except for the MAPLD-1.stout which says ANSYS LICENCE MANAGER ERROR: Could not connect to license server System Error: 111 "Connection refused."

      I can run workbench and mechanical fine on the computer.

      It looks like Fluent was able to connect. At least the .out file looks normal and I didn't get any warnings for it.

      Also this is the first time I have tried in the 2021 R1. It works on a different computer that has 2020 R2. Both are Linux. I am not sure if this is a computer issue, license, issue or version issue. Any help is appreciated.


    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      Can You check the firewalls on the machines (Client where you receive the error and the License Server)
      System error 111 usually points to firewall blocking communication.
      Could you shut down firewalls as a test?
    • hnorthrup
      Thanks for the tip, but shutting down the firewalls did not work.
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