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Mapping stress results for pre-stress

    • murali macharla

      Hello Everyone,

      I did a bending test and exported these stresses in a text file. Now, I am trying to map these stresses to another static structural where I want to apply a thermal load. In the new static -structural the CAD is made as bent and stress results are passed-in as pre-stress through External data module. I can able to map the stresses but the stress values are different from the exported stress values. Is this due to the CAD is different? is there anyway to map the stresses even if the cad is made as bent ? How, i can map the stresses and give them as a pre-stress without changing the stress values?. Could you please tell me if i am doing something wrong? or suggest me if there is any other way for pre-stressing

      Note:- 1.) The no of elements are same in the both models and the elements are also linear(meaning nodes are same).

                 2.) I can able to map the stresses from the bending test if the CAD is normal(see first 2 images) but I can't map if the CAD is made as bent.(see 3 and 4 images)

                 3.) Please notice the stress difference in the attached images



      Best Regards,


    • Govindan Nagappan
      Ansys Employee

      In the first static analysis where you compute the stresses, you can insert a command under "Static Structural" similar to

      This will create a file named in the analysis system directory. From the project page, you can use View-> Files to see the file in the list and find its location. This file has the stress state from static analysis

      Then in the next analysis you can insert a command under analysis branch similar to

      Specify the location of the in this command. This should apply the stress state as initial condition

      See if this helps

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