Mass flow rate at a section inside a domain

    • atulsingh92

      I have a heat exchanger to look at.

      There is a main inlet manifold, and there is an inlet to pipes and exit from pipes and there is a main outlet manifold.

      Is there a way I could obtain the mass flow rate at the inlets and outlets of the pipes?

      As they are not defined as inlets and outlets, becuase they are no boundary at them, I cannot obtain the mass flow rate through them. The manifold just connects to the pipe. I tried drawing a section at those inlets and outlets, but the properties for various post processing do not show mass flow rate.

      please suggest a workaround

    • aitor.amatriain
      I guess that you are trying to compute the mass flow rate in Results - Reports - Fluxes. You can also do the same in Results - Surface- Integrals - Mass Flow Rate, and in that case you will have the option of choosing the surfaces that you are mentioning.
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