Mass imbalance

    • adamqb3

      Hi, doing a check on my mesh as I was told mass balance is a good way of checking this.

      I understand these are low values so almost negligible however how does the change in polarity affect the mass balance going from say 10e-10 in the red zones to ~ -3e-10 in the yellow.

      I am trying to obtain the cl / cd values over the wing so might this affect my results? This area of concern is just after my inflation layer and where it connects to the sub domain. Unfortunately I cannot extend the inflation layer further out due to memory issues from Fluent and I cant decrease the surround domain face cell size.

    • Karthik R
      Please compute the flow rate between your inlets and outlets (Flux Reports in Fluent). The net difference should be small. If this is the case, you have good conservation of mass.
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