Mass transfer modeling

    • jaina


       I am interested in carrying out a mass transfer simulation in CFX. Theoretically, this is quite similar to heat transfer, as in, a concentration gradient will drive mass flux, just like temperature gradient drives heat flux. My question is whether it is possible to simulation mass transfer in CFX, similar to heat transfer? We tried doing this by 'piggybacking' on heat transfer simulations by using the value of the mass diffusion coefficient instead of thermal conductivity, for example, but that did not work out, probably because the numbers are very different in magnitude. 

       I would be grateful if you could if we can simulate mass transfer in CFX, so that we directly input the mass fluxes and get the concentration fields, for example. If not CFX, is there any other ANSYS tool for doing this.





    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Check if Steam jet tutorial is suitable but first of all do you multiphase multicomponent flow?
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