Mass Transfer modeling

    • Htaheri2223

      Hello everybody


      I want to develop a model for mass transfer for fractional precipitation where two miscible phases are introduced and propagate down the length of the reactor while mixing.

      Does any body know which type of model should I use for mass transfer modelling?

      Because, most of simulation that existed are fluid dynamic! I found a movie on you tube which is about simulation in CSTR, but , I could not find the mixing bottom on my ANSYS. Because, this bottom does not exist on student version. this is the movie that I am talking about"


      Moreover, I used multiphysic model. Please help me.

    • Raef.Kobeissi


      In FLuent, if you are using multiphase modeling such as VOF for example, you can go to > Phases>Interaction as shown in the picture below:

      Then you can specify how many mass transfers you need and select which mechanism:


    • nagesh56

      If i use evaporation and condensation model of water then how many mass transfer process should i choose?

      only one from liq to vapour or two from vapour to liq also 

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