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Massless Points – CV-Joint

    • Ririru


      I recently posted a question concerning the multibody-simulation of a CV-Joint (Rzeppa). After reading through papers on similar simulations I came to the following idea for creating the fitting contraints:
      The balls of the joint are moving on meridian curves, while the actual position of the ball is actually determined by the intersection of meridian curve and bisecting plane. The joint has an angle of 20° included, as shown below:

      Overview of the joint

      So I was able to create meridian curves in the DesignModeler for both the outer and inner grooves. Also I can include the bisecting plane. However I need to create volumes of them in order to include them in Ansys ModelEditor.


      However I dont know how I can create a massless point as the intersection of the meridian curve (here as the brown surface) and the bisecting plane. How can I create an intersecting point as mentioned? I want to connect the balls via a spring-damper to the massless point and then let the CV joint rotate with 1200 1/min. I do not want to work with contacts, since I only want to calculate the forces in the balls and the simulation takes very long and didn't lead to results. The transfered moment should be 40Nm

      I would be glad if someone could give me a hint if this approach is doable and how to create the massless points

      Thank you

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