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MAT43/GF1 and GF2

    • xhassanv

      I want to model a wooden piece and apparently, the best material model is MAT143. However, I need to know how can I determine 4 parameters GF1 and GF2 for parallel and perpendicular directions. Based on the manual I need to do a test of wood to determine it but I don't understand how can I derive these values from tests (in parallel and perpendicular directions) and which tests are needed to do. in order words. what is the representative of these values in curves? shall i use the stress-strain curve for them? how they can be derived for the curve?

      thank you in advance.

    • Reno Genest
      Ansys Employee

      To get GF1 and GF2, you have to do tension and shear tests parallel and perpendicular to the grain. The fracture energy (GF1 and GF2) is the area under the stress-displacement (not stress-strain) curve from peak stress to complete failure. You can get it this way. Or the fracture energy can also be derived from fracture intensity. The following documents explain *MAT_143 in detail:

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