Material explorer wavelength range

    • noumanzia


      I am running a script to change the wavelength range of material explorer, in the main body of my script file. I note that the script does not change the material setting when I run in the main body, but it works fine when it's run separately in script prompt or by calling this script as a function. Otherwise there is no error

      Is there any point I am missing here?

      setmaterial("my_material","specify fit range",1);

      setmaterial("my_material", "wavelength min", 2.0e-6);

      setmaterial("my_material", "wavelength max", 2.5e-6);

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      I am not sure what the error massage you got in the main body of the script: did you create this material before this section of script? or such material "my_material" exists ?

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