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Material failure

    • Bill Tapp

      Hey everyone,

      I am struggling with the transition from Explicit Dynamic to LS DYNA. I am conducting a numerical study on FOPS structures to create a set of formulas. I am struggling with allowing material failure on the latest full version of this program(2023). How do i actually enable material failure? I am using non linear materials at very high velocities and they destroy it on Explicit Dynamic but on LS DYNA do not.


      Cheers for your time


    • Armin_A

      Hi Bill,

      Did you use any failure criteria within the Autodyn (explicit dynamic)?

      As far as I know, Autodyn automatically deletes elements once a strain limit is reached (provided that this option is not disabled by the user).

      In Workbench LS-DYNA, when you open Engineering Data, there are several failure models available under the Toolbox. In addition, check the MAT_ADD_EROSION under LS-DYNA External Model-MAT (also available under the Toolbox) which serves to erode or delete elements once a certain criterion is met.

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