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“Material” for Superheated Steam.

    • Tocol Machine Tools Pvt Ltd

      I'm working on a simulation of an axial flow turbine with the following parameters;
      Inlet mass flow rate = 1.5 kg/s = 5400 kg/hr
      Inlet temp (i.e. steam temp.) = 250 deg C
      Outlet pressure = 0.18 bar(A)
      Solver = ANSYS CFX

      I would like to know how can I accurately define the material (i.e steam)?
      Should I be using "water vapor" material available in the databse or is there an alternate method to do the same.

      Any help will be highly appreciated as Im working on my research project. 


    • CFD_Friend
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Tocol,

      Steam as a material is available in the CFX material list under the IAPWS library.  More on setting up Steam can be referred to from the CFX User guide. I am sharing a link to one chapter in the user guide which specifically deals with setting up Steam as a material. Chapter 29: Steam Jet (ansys.com) 

      Hope this will help you get started.

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