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물질의 material gain 관련 질문입니다.

    • hgkang


      Ge에 tensile strain을 건 후 그에 해당하는 material gain 값을 알고 싶습니다.

      혹시 관련한 material gain값이 있는 library같은게 있을까요?


    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      Thank you for contacting us. However our Korean-speaking engineer is out of office, so I will use goolge translation to understand and try to reply your question.
      It seems you want to know the material gain of Ge from the material library in FDTD?
      Since material gain is usually generated by other physics, and its value can change, so in the Material Library no gain data is provided for any material.
      If it is a linear gain, meaning no saturation mechanism, you can set the gain your self, by search online or from literature for the value or your own test. Simulation examples can found here:
      Linear gain materials
      VCSEL with linear gain
      Plasmonic waveguides with linear gain
      Photonic crystal cavity with linear gain
      If it is a laser material, you may need to use special material model:
      Lasers and gain - list of examples
      Please have a look and see which one can be proper for your simulation.

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