Material model for a gear-pair in Transient Structural Analysis

    • Aneh

      I want to simulate a gear pair in ANSYS transient structural for a custom carburising steel, that is not available in ANSYS material database by default. I need to search for the material properties and add them in ANSYS engineering data. My final task is to perform fatigue analysis (for crack propagation) and there will be some large deformation (plasticity)..

      I want to know which material properties I should search for. There will not be thermal analysis as I will be working with ambient temperature only. It was mentioned in another thread that atleast density, isotropic elasticity should be mentioned for a dynamic analysis. But, if large deflections are expected, should plasticity models be also used? If yes, which ones? What other properties/ models/ material laws should be available in engineering data, if I want to perform simulation to find tooth deformation of gear, mesh force, crack propagation etc?

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, any of the echanical design data book will have this material properties, and you need paris law constants for crack propagation using SMART feature, i would suggest you to look into literature for detail information on these material constants.

      Cheers, Ram 

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