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Material Model for Creep

    • Patti

      Hello all,

      I try to simulate an 3-point-bending modell for creep. I have real test data from 3-point-creep-bending. I choose the Norton Creep Modell and define the creep coefficient C1-C3. The Creep Coeffients are right.

      I got different types of normal polymer (APS, PP, PC-ABS) and i will try to simulate the 3-point-bending-test.

      The curve of the real test data have a non-linear progression. But the curve in the simulation only linear.

      What should I do, that die Curve in the simulation looks like the curve from real test data?

      I have two loadsteps. First one without creep, only for the force. The second is with creep.

      Thanks in advance for your support.


    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee
      The time unit looks suspicious to me. The experimental curve, it appears to be in terms of hours (Zeit h?) ~140 h. The Simulation endtime goes to 13 sec. I don't think we can change the display unit for time in Simulation, but shouldn't the endtime value be closer to 140?nPerhaps it is correct and I am just not understanding what these graphs represent, but the time units appear to be inconsistent.
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