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Material parameters not seen in optislang

    • sagar.gupta.satrasala


      I am conducting a parameter study using Optislang. I have parameterized geometry and material properties as inputs. I have 3 different materials and 9 inputs are parameterized from each material. I can see all the material inputs in the Ansys parameter tab but when I use optislang I can see only 9 inputs from one material and cannot see the material inputs from other two materials. Could someone please tell me the reason behind it and help me solve it?

      Thank you in advance!!!


    • Martin Husek
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Sagar,

      Could you please give us more details about your workflow to help us understand where the problem might be? Could you please answer the following:

      1. Are you assigning materials in the geometry preparation tool (SpaceClaim, Discovery) or are you using materials from Ansys Workbench?

      2. Are you using optiSLang standalone or optiSLang in Ansys Workbench?

      3. What version of Ansys are you using?

      Any screenshots of your workflow, parameter tables, scripts are welcome.

      Thank you,

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