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Material with linear material properties becomes nonlinear

    • helen.durand


      I am currently running a transient structural simulation where I create a linear material (material 25) and two nonlinear materials (material 30 and 50) using an APDL command object in the prep phase. I am trying to switch from the linear material to one of the nonlinear materials, but I am getting warnings saying that material 25 is nonlinear:

       *** FATAL ***                           CP =     385.078   TIME= 20:27:25
       Change a nonlinear material model, 25, to another nonlinear material   
       model, 50, is not allowed for element type 186.                        

       The above error is non-recoverable by ANSYS                            
        ANSYS run terminated by the indicated error                           
        Current data base saved if possible.                                  

      For the linear material, I am using the following APDL inserted into a command block in transient structural:


      I am aware that it is not possible to switch betweeen nonlinear materials, but I do not understand why it is saying material 25 is nonlinear. Why might material 25 become nonlinear?

      Thank you!

    • peteroznewman

      Hello Helen,

      I can't answer your question, but I have some questions for you. Are you trying to switch materials in the middle of the simulation? Why do you need to switch from a linear material to a nonlinear material during the simulation? Why not begin the simulation with the nonlinear material?

      I have used temperature dependent properties for a material. That single material definition then works over a wide temperature range and Ansys automatically interpolates the correct value from the table at each time step in the simulation.



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