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General Mechanical


    • busra123

      I want to use Nylon material from engineering data, but I need the tangent modulus of nylon. How can I find it ?


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    • jpasquerell
      Ansys Employee

      Search online, check textbooks or library.  Contact manufacturer.   The sample material data included with the program is just estimates and is intended to show how actual data should be input.  User needs to determine their material data just like the dimensions and loads.  There are websites that sell material data or will do testing to determine it if necessary.  


    • peteroznewman

      I recommend CampusPlastics which has very good data including Stress-Strain diagrams and a spreadsheet of data from the curve.

      You can take that data and put it into a spreadsheet to calculate True Stress-True Stain as described in this post on Multilinear Plasticity.


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