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3D Design

Matlab to ANSYS

    • prabhukumar

       Hello all,

      I have multiple objects in my model. For one object, I would like to import 2D surface from MATLAB (array of ones and zeros, material is present at ones and absent at zero) and then extrude in ANSYS.
      Any help would be appreciated. 

      Thank you very much.

    • peteroznewman

      Please reply and insert an image of the data in matlab.

    • prabhukumar

      Thanks for your reply. 

      Please find below the image of data at the points 101x101. In physical space, it is 200 nm x 200 nm



    • peteroznewman

      Open SpaceClaim

      File > SpaceClaim Options > Units > Nanometers > scroll down to the Grid and set it up like this.

      Change to the Assembly tab and use the File add button to add the image above.

      Drag and stretch the image until it covers 200x200 nm  (I did 100x100 nm). The coordinates of the cursor is shown on the lower left edge of the window.

      Now you can sketch over the image. Sketch a closed boundary on 1/4 of the image.

      You can sketch only 1/4 of the outline and use Mirror to make the rest.

      Now you can pull it into a solid.

      Good luck!

    • prabhukumar

      Thank you very much for your reply. I have the following questions:

      1) The minimum units in my Space claim (SCDM 17.1) is mm. I cannot go to nm. I do have SCDM 18,1 (which can go to nm) but at the end I have to use Workbench 17.1 due to ansys electronics desktop 17.1. 

      2) I do not have the assembly tab in either of them (?). Please find the image below:


      3) By using the vectorize the image option, software could automatically detect the curves as shown in the below and I could extrude the object.

      But I cannot use in the workbench 17.1 as SCDM with nm resolution is 18.1.

      Thanks a lot for your inputs. 


      Also primarily, I would like to do this 100s of times. And also there might be multiple holes in the required matrix of ones and zeros. (The above image is just a sample one, I will be trying different topologies)  Then the above method might not be feasible and also accuracy depends on positioning the image and the scaling. 

      I tried to do make STL file of the 2D matrix array using the resources from these links  http://www.emlab.utep.edu/scSVL.htm and 

      These links are helpful for some one trying

      I could open the STL file in space claim both in 17.1 and 18.1 and could extrude it. 

      But the only problem is I had to scale up the grid size else ( from nm to e-7 m or um) i.e., increasing the physical dimension for the space claim to properly display the file. 

      I could import the geometry from Spaceclaiim to ANSYS electronic desktop. Hope I will be able to scale back the model and position it relative to the other objects I draw in ANSYS electronic desktop 

      Thanks a lot. 



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