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General Mechanical

Maximum Combined Stress is appearing as zero. What can i do?

    • paulorfamaral

      Hello everyone. It's my first post here in ansys forum, so i apologize if i make some mistake.

      I started to learn ansys this month so much things i dont know yet, but i am having a problem that a dont know what to do. I'm doing a analysis on a simple beam, with a square cross section, but when i click to solve, some mistakes appears :

      "One or more MPC contact regions or remote boundary conditions may have conflicts with other applied boundary conditions or other contact or symmetry regions. This may reduce solution accuracy. Tip: You may graphically display FE Connections from the Solution Information Object for non-cyclic analysis. Refer to Troubleshooting in the Help System for more details."

      "One or more loads is using a deformable behavior but is applied to a collinear edge. This is invalid, thus the behavior has been changed to Rigid. Check the Solver Output on the Solution Information object to identify the offending load."

      And in the end, when i click to solve maximum combined stress, the program show me 0 stress.

      Can anyone help me? What am i doing wrong?

      Thank you !

    • Kai
      Ansys Employee
      why do you apply multiple remote forces on the beam? What kind of application are you trying to model? Multiple remote points scoped to same entity may cause overconstraints and should be avoided if possible.n
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