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“Maximum licensed number of demo users already reached” for Ansys 2023 student

    • Choong-sup Byun

      I downloaded the Ansys Student 2023 R1 and installed under directions about 6/01/2023. After running several applications, I received message "ANSYS LICENSE MANAGER ERROR:Maximum licensed number of demo users already reached." I knew it had "Built-in license valid until 01/31/2024".  Also, I cannot find "student.lic" file in the directory " ~/student/WINX64.7z", instead i find ".acldata" file. How can I fix this error?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      In many cases you can only have one product open at a time, so you may have run into that. If not, restart the computer as something may have got stuck. 

      You don't have a "normal" licence configuration in Student as it's embedded in the code. That's why you need to download and install everything each time the licence expires. With the "normal" version you just need to update the licence key: it's also a good idea to update the solvers but it's not always done. 

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