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General Mechanical

Maximum of 6 Yield stress value

    • TomRochefort

      It seems to be impossible to input more than 6 temperature dependant yield stress  value in the bilinear isotropic hardening section inside ANSYS Workbench. I am using the Engineering Data module. Someone knows if we can input more points? The very small number of values seems to create spikes of plastic deformations once the temperature reaches these 6 defined points.





    • peteroznewman


      I'm a beginner when it comes to APDL, but the TBDATA command is limited to six values.

      Is it possible to enter six more values into the table by setting STLOC to 7? 
      I don't know. I hope someone who does can answer.



    • jpasquerell
      Ansys Employee


      The TB,BISO command documentation shows that the limit is 6 temperatures.   The command input is via the a TBTEMP command followed by TBDATA with inputs for C1 and C2 then repeat for up to a total of 6 temperatures. I know of no way to get more than 6 temperatures for bilinear isotropic.  Switching to multilinear isotropic hardening will allow more temperatures but requires input of temperature then values of plastic strain and stress.




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