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Maximum Principle Stress Report Question

    • Steven Hickson

      I am running through the Ansys Finite Element Siumlations Work Book particularly Sectoin 11.3. The CD RPM simulation and evalutaion of Maxium Principal Stress. The work book reports the Max Stress as approximatley 20 MPa and Min as 5 MPa. When I run the simulation it's reporting the Max MPa as 1842.8 and Min as 470 MPa. That's a pretty significant difference. I can see from the tabular data that it is actually 20 Mpa and 5 MPa but am wondering why the legend is showing me 1842 MPa as opposed to 10 MPa.


    • Sampat Kumar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Steven, 

      There might be a possibility of a numerical error at a single point; that's why it shows in the legend. You can track your result by applying a probe to the body and see the stress value in the model. 
      I would suggest changing the mesh size a little bit to see if the result varies or not. 


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