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    • Vinay_G


      I am doing IPM motor simulation using ansys guide in Maxwell 2D. In guide it was shown 3.8 mN-m torque obtained by no load study at the torque in the solution data.

      But when I simulated the same exact model following all steps I am obtaining my final torque in solution data as 1.8 mN-m which is of 6th pass value. Then I checked torque report for average torque which showed as 3.8mN-m. So do I got the correct output or is there any mistake because in guide they didn’t mentioned about average torque their value at 5pass is 3.8mN-m but I got 3.8mN-m as my average torque not the torque value at final pass?

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Have you plotted the torque graph in the results?
      Can you share some screenshots of the torque graph, where are you looking in the solution data and average torque?
      Please use the image option and not the Attachment option while sharing the screenshots.

      Regards Navya

    • Vinay_G
      Hi Navya I rechecked my parameters, I took pole type a wrong value. Now it is resolved.
      Have a great day!
      Thank you.
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