Maxwell 3D output field on a regular grid

    • Chavdar


      In Maxwell 3D when you output a vector field on a regular 3D grid what kind of interpolation method is used? I cannot see that information anywhere and it is very important.

      Does the interpolation preserve Maxwell's equations?

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    • GLUO
      Ansys Employee

      Hi @Chavdar,

      In Fields Calculator, we use Lagrange basis functions for interpolation, with barycentric coordinates for tetrahedral and triangle elements. To calculate the value of any expression at a point, we first find the barycentric coordinates for that point and then perform the evaluation. From Maxwell solvers, most field quantities are represented in 2nd order polynomial over the elements. In Fields Calculator, if further operations are involved, the order of the expression might be higher.


    • Chavdar

      Hi Gluo,

      Please excuse me, maybe my question was not clear enough.

      I meant, what is the interpolation method when using the python interface to export the field on a regular grid : https://aedt.docs.pyansys.com/release/0.6/API/_autosummary/pyaedt.modules.AdvancedPostProcessing.PostProcessor.export_field_file_on_grid.html

      If it is the same interpolation method then my question is: Does this type of interpolation preserve the Maxwellian properties of the fields (divergence of the B field should be zero and curl should be zero in points where there is no current density)?



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