Maxwell 3D ” Surface mesh on the facets is invalid ” error

    • Faraday


      I need to help about generating mesh in Maxwell 3D. I created a Maxwell 3D model from RMxprt, when i tried to generate mesh, "surface mesh on the facets is invalid" error occurs. I rigth clicked the error and opened "go to reference" window. Invalid faces of model are shown, but how can i fix the problem. What kind of an action do i have to do ? I created full geometry of the motor, but then analysis stoped due to CPU intensive processing.

      Best Regards.

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      You can try the following two suggestions.
      1) In the initial mesh setting move the slider towards the fine sitting somewhere to 7 or 8 and then try simulating.
      If this did not work
      2) Check if the geometry could get meshed in Magnetostatic (It will mesh mostly as Magnetostatic and EddyCurrent solver uses adaptive meshing).
      Then, you can copy the magnetostatic file and paste it under the same project then change the solution type to transient. After finishing all settings go to "setup"->Advanced tab->Import mesh->Setup Link...Link the mesh in the magnetostatic file then hit OK. Analyze see if this works for you.

      Regards Navya
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