Maxwell and Simulink Co-Simulation does not work properly

    • DiasMendes


      My objective is to run a 2D transient model in Maxwell and use the Simulink to control the current input of the windings.

      So, first I've run the co-simulation with the Simulink model just as a simple constant input, which turn out fine. The results were the same if I have used the Maxwell Circuit Editor.

      However, when I try to run a closed-loop configuration of the controller, which requires the flux of information in both ways between the two software, the results do not make sense. By saving the Simulink signals in files I "debugged" a little bit of what is going on. The signals from Simulink are different from the ones that Maxwell are getting, it seems that the interaction between the input from Simulink and output from Maxwell only talk to each other one time during the entire simulation.

      I have looked into the Maxwell and Simulink documentation but I could not find anything related to this problem. And the examples that I could find online are not in a closed-loop configuration, which does not give me any insight into the problem that I'm having.

      Hope that you can give a piece of advice to try to solve this problem!

      Best regards,

      Gabriel Mendes

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Here is some information.
      1). Could you check the linking setup first in to make sure that we have correct export and input in both Simulink and Maxwell models?
      2). The flux linkage is related to the voltage, so I suggest to have either voltage or current as the input and flux linkage as the export. The flux linkage could not be as the input.
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