Maxwell deleting Design, ACT extension Maxwell Eccentricity, linking solution to the harmonic analys


    • kravky


      i try to simulate electric motor eccentricity in 2D Maxwell using ACT extension called Maxwell eccentricity. It works fine, i calculated transient fields and harmonic forces, however i need to link the solution from Maxwell to the Setup of Harmonic response analysis (in order to perform response of motor to the calculated electromagnetic forces). The problem is, ACT extension (Maxwell eccentricity) inevitably creates another design (D2 transient) and when i try to load (transfer data) from maxwell to harmonic response i get errors or it loads (transfers) only design D1 - without eccentricity. It somehow cannot transfer design D2, whih considers eccentricity.

    • manny
      Ansys Employee
      Hi - Please download this technical paper. You may find this to be helpful for your simulation needs. nhttps://www.ansys.com/resource-library/white-paper/acoustical-noise-pmsm-motor-due-to-eccentricity?tli=en-us&p=Ansys%20Maxwell:%20Low%20Frequency%20Electromagnetic%20Field%20Simulationn
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