Maxwell Field Export as .fld file

    • darrenw

      Hi there,

      I want to export my Maxwell 2d voltage field overlay

      as a csv file, but it seems the only option is fld file, which I am not sure what that is.

      How can I export as a csv file?

      Thank you.

      Attached is image a field that I would like to export, I would like it in a csv file with coordinates and voltage..

    • icellb1
      Ansys Employee
      Hi, ,nYou probably cannot export it as csv directly. Alternative ways are, after you export it as .fld:nChange the extension fld directly to csvnOpen it with notepad (or change the extension to txt) and copy the data to excelnThere are free online fld text view, where you can open and copy the data to excelnn
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