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Maxwell-Fluent Coupling

    • vineethbharadwajp


      I am trying to simulate a Multiphysics problem of an induction motor by coupling Maxwell and Fluent.

      If any of you have worked on such a project before, can you please share any relevant resources? Or are there any step-by-step guide available? 

      I am very new to Electromagnetic Suite, and the resources online for such a problem are very scarce. Also, I am using Ansys in my institution and have no access to the customer portal. Can anyone please provide me access to the files of this workshop? 



    • Rob
      Forum Moderator

      Please talk to your supervisor and/or the ASC in your University. They will have access to this tutorial which we won't repost on a public forum. 



    • mi264

      Hello Rwoolhou, 


      I have excess to the customer portal. But I am not finding the materials by using your link. It says "Item removed". Can you share me the fluent geometry file used in this workshop?


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