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Maxwell Harmonic Simulation Capacitance?

    • Jan Stoebe


      I want to simulate an RF inductor with Ansys Maxwell and accuratley predict its self resonance frequency. From what I understand from the Ansys manuals, Maxwell harmonic/eddy current simulation does not simulate capacitance/charge accumulations on conductor surfaces/ displacement currents. Is that right?

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Jan,

             Yes, Maxwell eddy current would get resustance and inductance in Matrix. Electrostatic solver will be used for capacitance calculation. 

              You could do co-simualtion and build circuit to simulate slef resonance frequency in Simplorer when bringing maxtrix results of dynamic eddy current link and Electrostatic solver's capacitance. 

               Please see ALH,  ROM of eddy current and electrostatic solver. Thanks



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