Maxwell – Help with Magnetic Flux Density

    • Michael Djanie

      I am trying to use ANSYS Maxwell 3D to show magnetic flux density throughout a steel body caused by permanent magnets within the body. No coils with current going through them are needed for this. I did set material properties and go through the appropriate steps to check off all the necessary tasks to run the analysis, but I just get tiny colored spots on my magnet. What I am trying to do is similar to what is shown in the top left and bottom right diagrams in Figure 2 in the included source (source: http://projects.iqsoft.co.in/A_new_axial_flux_permanent_magnet_synchr.pdf). I was wondering if anyone had any steps or tutorials for doing something like this.

    • ilies_alin

      You could watch this youtuber.

      He made a tutorial about Ansys MAxwell.


      He has a video about magnets. How to create them.

      From what I study, you need to place magnetic material to the object.

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