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Maxwell Magnetostatic (Solver2d Error)

    • Thierry

      I´m doing a 2D Simulation (Magnetostatic). I can´t run the simulation. Maxwell give me this error "Maxwell2d solver, process solver2d error: Internal Solver Error:  'Same Vertex for the begin and end of face'"

      could anyone tell me how to solve that?


    • Minxiang Wu
      Ansys Employee

      Dear Thierry,

      Could you please provide more information about how you set up the model?

      Thank you.

      Best Regards,


    • Thierry

      i´have already found the solution. The boundaries was not correctly setr for the model.

    • domagojb

      Hello, I'm doing a 2D magnetostatic problem. I got the same message in the Message Manager during solving: Maxwell2d solver, process solver2d error: Internal Solver Error: 'Same Vertex for the begin and end of face.' Model in this case is axisymmetric so ballon boundary is set to three outer edges instead of four (in case of XY models). Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • sayantan

      Hi while doing the 2D magneto static simulation, I am getting something called server error, I am using Windows 11 and Ansys student desktop 2022R2. 

      Is there a way to solve this issue or need to call ansys support or this is the issue with student version?

      I am attaching the image for reference,



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