Measurement of transmission and reflection coefficients for metallic materials

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      Hi guys

      I am working on a simulation of the transmission and reflection spectra of a metal aluminum ring (conductance: 3.56E7 S/m).

      The thickness of the ring is 200nm, and the substrate is silicon (epslion: 11.7, thickness: 500um)

      When I set it up, I found that the running memory was so large(tens of G) that my computer couldn't emulate it.

      Is there any other way to shorten the running memory and time? ?


    • 2212296
      In addition, in the terahertz band
    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      If you are not simulating SPP effect, I would suggest you to use PEC, or better 2D sheet PEC:

      Bulk metals have large permittivity with heavy loss. FDTD needs very fine mesh to resolve the physics. Therefore it needs a lot meshes so huge memory requirement.

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