Measuring current passed through switches in a BLDC driver (ESC)

    • Mohammadreza Hojati

      Hi everyone. I have designed a BLDC using RMxprt. Creating a 2D model from RMxprt, the software automatically creates an inverter circuit for the model, to drive it. In this circuit, there are 3 ammeters to measure the current passed through each phase of the motor. But, I want to measure the current passed through each switch of the driver. I added an ammeter after each switch, but I do not know how to see the measured current in my 2D motor model. In results, I can see only the phases currents. I have named them S1,S2,... and their label are Switch1, Switch2,... . Could anyone tell me if I have done it correctly, and how I can see their results as well?

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Mohammadreza,

              First, after modifying circuit, we need to export netlist and impot it back into Maxwell to update external circuit.

              In transient result plot, we should see BranchCurrent in Category. If not find, I suppose you do not import new circuit.


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