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Discovery Import

Measuring Velocity from an internal channel

    • tim.dukes

      Hi Support 


      In the example below I want to know the average velocity at two areas highlighted. 


      This is a very simplified version of an issue I am currently having.


      I can measure the velocity of an outlet face easily.

      I can take an average velocity measurement at a point as you will see in the file. 

      Is there any way of finding out the average velocity from the two internal channels see highlighted edges in image below.


      The video may help explain -

      " >



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  • Naresh Patre
    Ansys Employee

    Hello Tim Dukes

    This capability is currently not exposed in Discovery and in the current release monitors can be created on a datum point in Explore. We hope to see this implemented in future versions, although I am not sure about its timeline.

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