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Mechanical APDL Launcher error

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    • Aaron Sbarra

      I have a user (I'm IT support) who is encountering an odd erro with Mechanical APDL. The user is on 2022 R1, and the client licensing settings are in order. When she runs Ansys by calling it via external code (i.e. python), it works fine, but trying to run the GUI fails. I've tried multiple reinstalls already. Here's the error that pops up:

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      Can you please provide some more information. So when running it from external python code they mean pyANSYS and pyMAPDL?

      Also can you try to re-attach the image inline in your post, or write down the message because it can not be seen. Also please explain how the user is launching MAPDL.


      Thank you



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