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      Hi everyone,

      I am simulating FSI phenomenon using Fluent, Mechanical and System Coupling.

      I've got a strange problem in ANSYS Mechanical with restart from the uncompleted run. I got 10.000 timesteps to calculate and I finished about 800. Now I want to restart these calculations. However, I got an error in System Coupling

      This means, that if I was so far solving with 12 nodes for Mechanical, this is the number that has to be set now.

      Also, in Mechanical output I get:


      which indicates that my university has some issue with licences.

      I cant restart the uncompleted run with the single node for Mechanical - as you can see at the first picture. 
      Do you know if there is any work-around? If I could restart this run with the single node I won't have any problem with the license (I checked it - I copied the folder, cleared all results and started from the beginning without problems). However, starting from the begining will take additional 2 weeks of calculations that are already done.



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