Mechanical Simulations Inside Fluids

    • cglkr

      I'm trying to simulate a cantilever's response to the applied forces inside water.

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      For modeling the interaction with water you need to perform an FSI simulation. Please refer to the following link, they may be of help to you:
      Transient 1-way FSI with transient structural and external data modules ÔÇö Ansys Learning Forum
      Regards Ashish Khemka
    • cglkr
      Thank you for your time but the link you provided employs a body of fluid that is moving and generating a force on the walls of the solid object. Whereas, what I would like to do is to introduce an externally applied force (from an unknown source let's just say for now) to my solid object inside a body of fluid that is still. I just need to see how the force from the external source would deform my solid object inside a medium that is fluid such as water.
      To give you more context on what I'm trying to simulate, let me start by saying the solid object is an experiment setup that will be immersed in bodily fluids with a density closer to that of water. In this setup, microrobots will come and stick to the circular beams inside the solid object's cavity (shown in figure-1) and start applying force. This force is known and it is in the range of few hundred micro Newtons. The displacement of the circular is crucial to the experiment mechanism. Therefore I need to know how much this externally applied force displace the circular beams inside the bodily fluid which is stationary.
      I simulated the exact setup in Static Structural, but the results are not valid in my case since Mechanical solver simulates everything in vacuum. I need to simulate my experiment setup inside a stationary body of fluid.
      I'm very much stuck here and I still have not found a way to simulate this the way I wanted. Any ideas would be much appreciated!
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