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General Mechanical

.mechdb file disappearance

    • Rémi Gérard-Marzan

      Hello all,

      I'm encountering a baffling issue this morning that an online search has not solved.

      Opening up my Workbench project, I click on my Mechanical Model box, and then : 



      The odd thing is that every other file of the project is still there. This one and only file has disappeared between yesterday 6 PM and this morning. 

      I would gladly take any suggestions as to help me locate it back.

      Kind regards

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee


      Problems with the .mechdb file are often due to a problem recording/ saving the project. We recommend doing nothing on your pc every time Ansys is in the recording phase.
      If you saw some issues while saving then I believe that may have caused it.
      Ashish Khemka
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