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Melting of PLA

    • Narasimha Chadalawada

      Hi, I am trying to set up a case file here I have a solid PLA that enters at the inlet melts in the nozzle, and comes out at the outlet. I am trying to use dynamic mesh where solid PLA will move inside with some velocity. and when it touches the nozzle contraction it will start melting. 

      it is a transient 2d case if it goes well I will do it for a 3d case as well.

      1. Is it correct to use dynamic mesh? If so how to use both dynamic mesh and solidification and meltification.

      2. Is there any alternate method if 1 is false? and how to set up such a case in Ansys fluent.

      3. How to set up boundary conditions and to create such a case with any setup?

      any video lesson or any post regarding this would be highly appreciated.

    • SRP
      Ansys Employee


      you can include the pull velocities in your solidification/melting calculation to model continuous casting,

      You can check ansys user manual for more details: 26.2. Procedures for Modeling Continuous Casting (ansys.com)

      Also check tutorial on solidification/Melting: Chapter 24: Modeling Solidification (ansys.com)


    • Narasimha Chadalawada

      but my case is different. I want to use either system coupling or somehow, use pla rod, goes inside and when it touches the contraction section it should start melting


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